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There is a lot to discover about this charming nook which formerly belonged to Salzburg.
Visiting the "Heimathaus Rupertiwinkel" and the museum of tannery in the rooms of the castle gives interesting insight into the agricultural and civic life of the past centuries. Picturesque alleyways, baroque churches, momentous wells and sculptures will make you want to take a minute to observe and take it all in.

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A little guide for you to discover the place on your own is offered by the tourist information center.

Interesting cultural encounters are therefore assured. Moreover, Tittmoning is a worthwhile destination for groups on excursion:

Visiting the two museums "Heimathaus Rupertiwinkel" and museum of tannery inside the historic rooms of the castle, duration about one hour, group price: 2.00 € per capita

Guided tour through the old town of Tittmoning, duration about one hour, group price: 30.00 € overall (per group up to 25, no more than 30 persons).Self-exploration of the historic old town (romantic alleyways, churches, chapels and Ponlach park), exploring the paths to gain further understanding about nature, guides available on request for this particular endeavour.

Going from Tittmoning to Burghausen on a "Plätte", the traditional flat boat of the region, duration about one hour, sign up for and make reservations at Burghauser Touristik GmbH, telephone 08677-887-140, see brochure.
Our tourist information center will make you a suitable offer!For snacks, lunch or coffee break our local eateries offer multiple different options!


Tittmoning close to Salzburg

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