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“Titamaninga” was first mentioned in 788 AD

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The plateau of the Salzach river is a place of early settlement with discoveries from the Bronze Age. In the town centre there are relics from the time of Roman settlement. For instance, in 1974, the mosaic of the floor of a country house from some time between the 2nd and 4th century AD was found next to the collegiate church.

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"Titamaninga" was first mentioned in a document from Salzburg in 788. The Benedictine cloister in Salzburg, Nonnberg, received numerous goods through the Bavarian duke Theodebert from Tittmoning. In 1234 the archbishop Eberhard II of Salzburg exchanged the castle hill of the convent, had the town's defenses made more secure, thus making it into a town and giving out trade privileges.
Tittmoning was developed as a town of Salzburg.
The town lived on trading with the rural countryside. Two farmer`s markets, courted markets and cattle markets had the main impact on the economy. Shipping and salt trade were- unlike the case in Laufen and Burghausen- meaningless to the town. Businessmen, brewers and inn keepers who were specialized on wine established some small kind of ruling class under the majestic dignity of Salzburg. During the 17th and 18th century a small center of arts developed with wide recognition. Famous builders, sculptors, painters and goldsmiths contributed their work. In 1810 Tittmoning was temporarily, and in 1816 after the Congress of Vienna, definitely made a part of Bavaria. After 1816, the economic meaning of Tittmoning decreased due to the new borders. In 1862, the county court was dissolved.
In those days the basis for the rural district of Laufen was made, which then included the whole of "Rupertiwinkel". In 1972, as a consequence of the local government reform, the northern part, this including Tittmoning, became part of the rural district of Traunstein. Thus, the northern part was allocated to the "Berchtesgadener Land". Between 1971 and 1978, the former communities of Asten, Kay, Kirchheim and Törring were added from then on as belonging to the town area.

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