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Museum of tannery

A experimental museum

Citizen of Tittmoning

The museum of tannery is in the former granary of the Tittmoning castle and presents itself as a place of modern style.

In this experimental museum the visitor is given the chance to be active, to understand by trying and touching, and to come back there and see something new again.

Region Tittmoning

The tanning industry has a very long tradition in Tittmoning. It is confirmed that there were five different tanneries since the end of the 16th century. A large collection from red tannery, created by the Wandinger family (1878-1953) from Tittmoning is the unique basis of the new museum of tannery inside the castle of Tittmoning. This museum can be visited during the opening hours, and no entry fee is charged. Guided tours can be arranged, for instance a tour through the town called "Tracking the traces of tanners and dyers".

Tittmoning close to Salzburg

In this experimental museum you are given the chance to be active, to understand by trying and touching. 

Tittmoning close to Salzburg

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