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Old Town

Tittmoning, the charming town by the Salzach river

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The old town has a beautiful city square with several monuments, wells and sculptures. Impressive house fronts display the typical Inn-Salzach architecture, churches of baroque and neo-classical style are also well worth the visit. One should also be sure to catch the romantic small alleys, and a variety of eateries.

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The city square has a length of 298 m with a trapezoidal outline and a width of 60.3 m on the northern side and 26.4 m on the southern side. The square`s shape and size have not been changed since the town was founded in 1234 and is nowadays ranked among the most beautiful city squares of Bavaria. The two town gates in gothic style limit the square to the north and to the south. The city wall in its style from the 14th or 15th century was almost entirely preserved.Restoration of the old town
The restoration was started in 1985 and done in three steps. The first step was the restoration of the city square and the waste water disposal. As a second step the western alleys and the roads were restored. The last step was the restoration of the eastern alleys and the new connection to the "Wasservorstadt".

Finally, the historic town hall, pearl of the city square, was completely restored.

Citizen of Tittmoning

There are brochures about the old town's substantial and prize-winning restoration.
You can find further information from the tourist center in the town hall, telephone: 08683 700710. 

Would you like to know more about our town? Our tourist center offers various city tours!
On a guided walk through the romantic alleys you can experience the positive attitude towards life.

Tittmoning close to Salzburg

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