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Tittmoning and the power of water

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The area of Tittmoning is surrounded by the Salzach-hills and the implementation of its landscape is because of a glacier from the ice age.
Today you can still recognize the different end moraine walls in the area, for instance in Nonnreit which is located on the way between Tittmoning and Burghausen. These crater-created walls mark a very strongly moved relief in which there are numerous dead ice holes imbedded, for instance the pond of Asten or the Leitgering Lake. The former edge of the glacier runs along the ice edge valley of Ollerding. The glacier-created landscape runs from Törring to Tittmoning with small hills and swampy dips.

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Tittmoning and the power of water

The town of Tittmoning is surrounded by a lot of water.

In total, there is a distance of 96 km of streams flowing idyllically through the landscape. The moors of Asten and the Leitgering lake together cover an area of 18.3 ha.

Waters do not only have an impact on the natural scenery but are also important biotopes and therefore are a big duty for the town as it is responsible for the maintenance of water.
This is why already in 2003 a plan for the development of waters was made and can be looked at in the town hall at any time.

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