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Where Bavaria is most beautiful?

Modern town Tittmoning

... liegt die Stadt Tittmoning:

Tittmoning, with a current population of 6100 inhabitants, is a modern town where great leisure activities are offered. It is surrounded by an idyllic landscape and has a long history.

A lot of innovative companies offer secure jobs. Besides these factors, many interesting possibilities exist to establish your own home and a good infrastructure, the conditions for leading a comfortable life in Tittmoning are met.
The former country communities of Asten, Kay, Kirchheim and Törring also belong to the community area of Tittmoning.
  • Number of inhabitants: 6100
    Area: 72 square kilometres and is thus the community with the largest land mass of this particular rural district
  • Parts of the town: Tittmoning-town, Asten, Kay, Kirchheim, Törring
  • Altitude: 372-517 m
  • Water: more than 200 km of drains and rivers
  • Road network: 122.729 km consisting of:
    -roads in town: 33.192 km
    -roads connecting different communities: 89.537 km
  • Rural district: Traunstein
  • Administrative district: Upper Bavaria

Region Tittmoning

Where Bavaria is most beautiful?
... is where Tittmoning is located:
In the north eastern region of "Chiemgau" by the western shores of the Salzach river. Nowadays, the middle of the river borders the national region of Austria. Tittmoning also belongs to the "Rupertiwinkel".

This term was formed around 1890 and used for all the towns which had formerly belonged to the archbishopric of Salzburg (the area on the western side of the two rivers Saalach and Salzach up to Tittmoning).


Freizeitregion Stadt Tittmoning

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