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Pope Benedict XVI.

He is a honorary citizen of Tittmoning

Citizen of Tittmoning

Pope Benedict XVI has lived in Tittmoning for three years and five months.

As a result of the conclave in Rome, Joseph Ratzinger, Cardinal of the Roman Curia, was elected to be the Pope, Benedict XVI.
The Pope was been born on April 16, 1927 in Marktl by the Inn and has spent some years of his childhood in Tittmoning.


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City tour "Wonderful Tittmoning - Stations in the childhood of Pope Benedict XVI."
History of the town, Inn-Salzach-architecture, city square, wells and sculptures, house of the Ratzinger family, kindergarten, baroque minster Maria Brunn in the Ponlach.

Information about Tittmoning

Station in life

The new Pope who has been born on April 16, 1927 in Marktl by the Inn has spent some years of his childhood in Tittmoning.
His father worked for the police and had to move with his family several times because of duty. This is how the Ratzinger family came from Marktl to Tittmoning on July 11, 1929.
There, they lived in the so called "Stubenrauchhaus", the former trading firm of the Wagner family with the beautiful oriel. In 1939 the "Sparkasse"-bank bought the house. Joseph Ratzinger was two years and three months old when he arrived in Tittmoning with his parents and siblings. At the age of three Joseph Ratzinger joined the kindergarten on the ground level of the former Augustine cloister. It was lead by the always friendly sister Maria Corbiniana Kreuzburg from the institute of the "Englischen Fräulein" from 1926 to 1940. His brother Georg, 3 years older, also attended the first three grades of the primary school from 1930 on in Tittmoning. The following story was told by him: When Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber (1869-1952) was in Tittmoning around 1930/31 for the confirmation, he also visited the kindergarten. Because of his impressive clothes the little Joseph Ratzinger said: "I will also be a cardinal one day." Because of the father`s work the family moved to Aschau by Kraiburg on December 5, 1932. Joseph Ratzinger was five years and eight months old when he left Tittmoning. There is a picture of the kindergarten in Tittmoning from 1930/31, owned by Mrs Anni Erlacher, of about 90 children, one of whom is Joseph Ratzinger.
In his first biography "About my life" from the year 1977, Joseph Ratzinger describes his time in Tittmoning: "Because of my father`s job -he was working for the police- we moved to Tittmoning in 1929 and stayed there for three years. As I remember these three years, they have been a very special time for me. First of all, the small town with its wonderful city square, the nice churches, the castle and the holy pilgrimage, the Salzach and the hikes over to Austria. Also, there were a lot of friendships with families in town. Apart from the sincere religious life at home, I was mainly fascinated by the spiritual shine of the minster with its baroque liturgy."
In his second biography which was published in Italy in 1997 and one year after in Germany, he mentions his childhood in Tittmoning and historic events of the town. He wrote: "Tittmoning, a town who's architecture experienced great influence from Salzburg, has remained the dreamland of my childhood."

Freizeitregion Stadt Tittmoning


Region Salzach

Das Bild zeigt den Tittmoninger Kindergarten 1930/31 mit etwa 90 Kindern.

Joseph Ratzinger ist in der zweiten Reihe, etwas rechts von der Bildmitte aus abgebildet. Der untere Teil seines Gesichtes ist durch den Haarschopf eines Kindes aus der ersten Reihe leicht verdeckt.

Burg und Kultur Stadt Tittmoning

Das Gebäude des Augustinerklosters in dem sich im Erdgeschoss die ehemalige Kinderbewahranstalt befand und heute der Kindergarten untergebracht ist. Dahinter der Turm der Augustiner-Klosterkirche, in der Joseph Ratzinger die ersten feierlichen Gottesdienste bewusst erlebte.

Im ehemaligen Handelshaus der Familie Wagner, von 1891 Stubenrauchhaus genannt und ab 1939 das Sparkassengebäude, wohnte von 1929 bis 1932 die Familie Ratzinger. Im Vordergrund Tittmonings Altbürgermeister Dietmar Cremer.

Joseph Ratzinger im Alter von etwa vier Jahren
Ausschnitt aus dem Kindergartenbild von 1930/31.

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